Who We Are

"Anything less than a firm commitment in favour of equality and sustainable development is no longer an option. We need active, informed, and demanding citizens and a watched and accountable political class."

-- Javier Pérez, CIECODE Director

Foto del director de CIECODE, Javier Pérez

"In the current, global, and interdependent world betting in favour of equity and sustainable development is not only fairest but the most intelligent thing to do."

Foto del evento de presentación de TIPI Ciudadano en septiembre de 2015

Center for Research and Studies on Coherence and Development

CIECODE is a Spanish, Madrid-based think-tank, part of the Salvador Soler Foundation. Our mission is to create the most appropriate conditions for the formulation, adoption and implementation of public policies and corporate practices that promote a fairer and more sustainable society in the countries where we operate.

We understand that these appropriate conditions require the following key components:

  • An active, informed and demanding citizenry.
  • A political class and public sector which are responsible, accountable and subject to public control.
  • A responsible, informed and accountable private sector.
  • Informed, aware and critical media.

We promote these favourable conditions supporting:

  • the development of digital tools and civil technologies that enable access to information, civic monitoring and accountability; and
  • content creation, as well as real and virtual spaces, to encourage an informed public debate regarding how to respond to sustainable development challenges, inequality, and democratic quality through public policies and corporate practices.

Our actions are structured in three main lines of work:

  • Capacity building and awareness-raising: mainly focused on training programmes and capacity development of public actors and CSOs in issues related to civic monitoring, open advocacy, and policy coherence.
  • Monitoring and access to information: focused on the development and implementation of innovative technologies of political monitoring and accountability to give public and free access to this information. This line of work is led by the area called Political Watch.
  • Research for social change: focused on the impact analysis of public policies on sustainable development and proposal of innovative solutions.

Strategic Plan

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Some of our highlights

January 2012
Publication of the White Book on the Spanish Development Policy

February 2013
First edition of the Avizor Awards

September 2015
Launch of the Tipi Ciudadano Tool

December 2019
Agreements to implement Parlamento2030 in Spain, Andorra and Paraguay

Where we are

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